Hidden or visible ?

That is the question, While music and cinema purists will want the best floor-standing or shelf speakers for ultimate sound. hidden speakers come in a huge range of styles. from single-enclosure stereo speakers for showers to full-blown high-end built-ins. Adding grilled wall spaces makes a great compromise allowing floor speakers to be hidden away.

One of the best-loved conveniences for your home is music on-demand that plays wherever you are. Music that can be fully experienced in lush digital sound is what makes a house into a home. That's what we do at PSS Electronics - we bring the pleasure of music at the touch of a button on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, for all rooms, in and out, with the latest gear from the world's best vendors and our skill in high-performance systems.

Today's advanced audio systems deliver sound that fits a range of environments, while being easy on your eyes. Due to the wide-range of configuations and central systems, you can have concealed sound for any room, at very big h-levels of quality. That means no clutter, no special furniture, no carrying CD's from room to room. The system is housed in a closet - each room merely needs a pair of visible or concealed speakers. We make the system as easy to use as a light switch. Speakers can be hidden in walls and ceilings, indoors or out. Artist and album information can be displayed on a TV or your phone. The Beatles in the Bathroom? Oprah in the Kitchen? Yes!