An Eye on your Vacation Home

One of the most important applications for Security Cameras is to help you watch over your vacation home. Let’s say your second home is near water like a lake or on the beach. If a storm came through, you could save yourself an unnecessary drive out to the home to check for damage – you’ll be able to visit without getting in the car. Many security cameras can pan an entire room via remote control, right from your smartphone. A quick look around can tell you everything’s just fine, and you can get back to bed.

We specialize in providing state of the art security. Whether you’re in need of a simple system for your home or business or a fully integrated system, PSS Electronics has the expertise to help you choose the right system.

Access Control Systems
Security is a concern of most home and business owners today. Our innovative systems give you total control over who is allowed on your property and protection for your home and family 24/7.

Closed Circuit Monitoring
See who is at the front door, check the baby in the nursery, or watch the children play in the yard on any TV. All camera angles can be recorded to a hard drive capture system.

Fire Systems
Monitored smoke and heat detectors work in conjunction with your security system. In the event of a fire, even if your system is not armed, it will send signals to the Central Station. This ensures a faster response time to keep your business, property and/or loved ones safer. Our licensed and experienced staff will work together with local fire officials to make certain your system meets all local requirements.